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my best mate has now a real vagina – post op documentary

my best mate has now a vagina

Max pondered for a long time, should he accept his split perception and live with the genitals he was born with, or should he subject himself to the toil and torture of a gender reassignment surgery? Not an easy question, especially the reoperation of a private part is an act that is very difficult to avoid. Many agonize over this question and there are cases where action was taken more out of sexual curiosity and not so much out of deep psychological motivation.
Artificial breasts or even artificial vagina??
Fortunately, there are some great nonbinary premium sites where you can share individual cases of men who have acquired a female sex organ (artificial vagina) and share their experiences. Questions arise such as, can I as a nonbinary people use a clitoral or feel a vaginal orgasm… Will this vagina then also be as moist as a congenital one? what is to be considered ?